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BLUE BAR was opened in the first newly opened shopping center in Makarska, it was created from a symbiosis of caterers, a family tradition that took place in the Katic family for many years. Caffe bar Bety is the first open bar in 1980, led by Dalibor and Beti Katic, which is celebrating over 40 years of existence. Their children continue the tradition of working in the hospitality industry and in the meantime open the Bety blue bar.

Despite the hard many years of work in the hospitality industry, son Ivan and his wife Marija open this beautiful Blue bar, which has remained true to the name of the resulting family facilities Katić. The font of the letter Blue bar is in retro style with a board of contemporary graphic design. With an open view through the glass walls into the very interior of the center, they make the space fluid and enable the printable visibility of the bar itself. The decoration of the space extends the contrasts of materials, such as raw concrete walls, top equipment and carpentry, carefully selected lighting, upholstered sofas and a top floor of oversized pattern in high gloss. The bar is designed as a sik pub, and also flirted with details to add a little eclecticism to the style.

The layout of the bar has been adapted for many possibilities such as future events, offers… which will be published on the Blue bar website. The driveway also provides access, through the garden bordered by greenery, and access to the bar from the outside. Interior design is signed by designer Sanja Covic. The atmosphere of the bar, due to its unique style of decoration, provides a feeling of a metropolitan place, which entices every guest with a sense of comfort with a top catering offer. Let everyone find their corner, a moment for their ritual of relaxation and we open the door of our efforts to you,…. efforts of Ivan and Marija Katic.

Working time

6:30 - 21:00


+385 91 530 4455

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