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Did you know that you can insure and protect your eyeglasses from all types of damage? At Anda stores, you can find a unique service – Glasses Casco Insurance by the insurance company HOK, which offers the possibility to insure your eyeglasses or eyeglass lenses.

Have you ever experienced your prescription glasses’ lenses cracking? Accidentally sat on your favorite sunglasses? The Glasses Casco Insurance covers all of that and any other unforeseen damages. Based on the agreed insurance terms, you have the right to get completely new glasses at no additional cost.

How does Glasses Casco Insurance work?

You can use the Glasses Casco Insurance once within a 12-month period, and in case of damage to your glasses, you can replace them with completely new ones. The insurance covers destruction or mechanical damage to the glasses or eyeglass lenses. However, please note that the Glasses Casco Insurance does not cover loss or theft.

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